Home Inspections

Alpine Home Inspections can provide you with a great marketing tool to help you get ahead of the competition.

By inspecting before you sell, you can address any maintenance needed to close the deal.

Pre-inspecting will allow you to sell your home faster at the highest price possible.

Do you know your home’s physical condition? Find out and sell your home with confidence.

What To Expect

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Alpine Home Inspections

Up To 3,000 Sq. Feet

*Call to verify specific pricing

3,001 to 4,500 Sq. Feet

*Call to verify specific pricing

4,501 to 5,500 Sq. Feet

*Call to verify specific pricing

Over 5,500 Sq. Feet?

For Accurate Estimate
*Call to verify specific pricing, as additional charges may apply:  $25 Fee applies to homes for homes built before 1965  &   $25-$50 Fee applies to homes in some counties

Add-On Inspection Options

Add one or more of our add-on inspections to ensure you and your home are fully protected

Meth Inspection

*Call to verify specific pricing

Radon Inspection

*Call to verify specific pricing

Mold Inspection

*Call to verify specific pricing

Specific Questions?

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 Discounts when ordered with full inspection